Company Values

You're accountable moms and dad. You offered your kid a house PC to provide an appropriate start in life. Now they can do their research, make adorable feline videos, send out an eCard for her birthday and perhaps-- after they have done all their research, simply play the periodic video game.

The problem begins. The instructor informs you little Timmy's research is past due. He sure is investing a great deal of time on Facebook. Who are these complete strangers he's speaking to? Why is the web internet browser history suspiciously blank?

You trust your kid, but you supervise-- and software application is going to assist you to do your task as accountable moms and dad.

You need to be the owner or licensed user of the computer system with administrator access to set up the software application. This Windows PC keeping an eye on software application cannot be set up from another location without physical access to the computer system.